“It is quite possible to project whole forms in the mind without recourse to the material”

– Leon Battista Alberti

Back then this spoke of inspiration and the expression of ideas and imagination through drawing. Today we can extract this powerful message and apply it with technology. In the architecture field I often find a radical opposition to technology or an aversion to manual work. Personally, my experiences have led me to conclude that both feed off each other and that your focus should be to express yourself in the medium that will enable you to exemplify it best. Now – this does not invite stagnation to your development and quit the pursuit of new forms of expression. The more you are in the field of design the more you realize that your designs are beings organically created, with their own personality and as a designer you associate memories with it and that’s why you can’t replicate each other’s style and movements across time. Design and specially architecture is brought to life by its intense relationship with its maker – regardless of the form and method its expressed and channeled through. 

Just a thought. 


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