Marion Mahony Griffin | Women in Architecture

Let’s face it. It’s a mans world, but there are some professions that are more of a boys club than others – & architecture is definitely one of them.  There are many infographics, percentages and all sorts of sappy stories on how women have been discouraged, discriminated and misjudged in this career line, but I wish to, rather than victimize the gender, celebrate the contributions of women who defied their social contours and changed the face of architecture forever – & that is what this segment is all about!


1871 – 1962
B: Chicago, Illinois

  • Gradated from MIT 1894
  • First employee of Frank Lloyd Wright
  • She was a key element in the development of the Praire Style.
  • Her watercolor renderings became synonymous with Mr. Frank Lloyd Wrights work
  • 14 year tenure with Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Became one of his primary designers
  • Best remembered for her delineating skills.
  • Mahony developed a unique rendering style inspired by Japanese prints.
  • Her drawings were key to enhance Wright’s reputation
  • Architectural Review Article gave her the title of:

“Greatest architectural delineater of her generation, which included mere men like Lutyens, Loos, and Wright”

  • 1914 Mahony and her husband Walter Burley Griffin moved to Australia to begin the design of their capital city, Canberra. Mr. Griffin won the commission with the help of Mahony’s impressive presentation skills.

A talented woman that paved the way to our modern view of the Prairie Style, the city of Canberra, architectural history and modernity. Her tenacious attitude to be what she wanted to be, and a woman who didn’t listen to the un-requested and prejudiced banter of society and its pressure helped her achieve who she is, and thus celebrated by us today! Humanity always finds a way to pick on at least one of many groups of people that compose our societies. Sadly it is a tendency that has plagued humanity since its very beginnings – but its ok! We always manage to conquer such fruitless endeavors!

Enjoy the eye-candy!

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